The Week in Imaging’s 2012 Elite Dealers

The Week in Imaging’s Elite Dealer Awards. This award honors the best and the brightest in the dealer community. The dealers being honored each week starting today and throughout the month of October aren’t necessarily the biggest dealers in the business although some are and many are doing well from a financial perspective. However, may are still enjoying growth, offer innovative marketing and sales programs, are deeply involved within their community, have a strong work culture, treat their employees well and have shown a willingness to do what it takes to remain relevant in an ever-changing market by adapting new technologies, services, and solutions. Indeed, it’s not any one thing that makes an Elite Dealer, it’s a combination. And now let’s meet the Elite Dealer Class of 2012.

Cell Business Equipment (CBE)

Irvine, CA

Year Founded: 1993

Number of Employees: 81

Approximate Yearly Revenues: $20+ million

Most significant accomplishment this year: Achieving double-digit machine population growth.

Primary Hardware & Solutions Vendors & Services: Sharp, Ricoh, Canon, Francotype-Postalia, Nuance, Prism Software, Digitech Systems, Lantronix, EFI, EM C2, Microsoft, Print Audit

Tarek Hafiz, president of CBE

Meet a dealership that is enjoying a serious growth spurt. It was only back in 2010 that they became a Canon dealer, today, Canon hardware makes up more than 50 percent of their total hardware sales. Meanwhile, software sales, including installation, implementation, training, and ongoing support revenue have continued to more than double each of the past three years. Good things come in threes and that’s illustrated by the way demand for non-OEM supplies for retail sales and CBE’s MPS program has more than tripled. They’re also enjoying growth in document management and cost recovery (10-15%) as well as security and cloud services, which has seen 50 percent growth year-over-year for the past three years.

We’re also big fans of CBE’s President, Tarek Hafiz, and the way he operates his business. Hafiz contends that people still buy from people they like and trust. “Much of CBE’s success is created by providing state-of-the-art products and services in an old fashioned way,” he says. “We still do cold calls, ask for and receive referrals. Our staff is stable and is very involved in the community.”

Hafiz also takes pride in the way that CBE has successfully cross-trained five generations of workers (Silent, Boomers, Gen X, Y and Z) to create a positive workflow of emerging technologies.

“We focus on camaraderie that extends through our employees to our clients and reaches out into the community,” he says. “The strength, longevity and success of CBE are in direct ratio to our staff’s commitment to our clients and community. We have found if you genuinely care about, and take care of your employees and clients they will take care of your business.”

As an authorized dealer for Sharp, Ricoh and Canon, CBE is fully certified in three major lines of products, which allows CBE to offer the right solution for each client. “This variety of unique offerings sets us apart from any other dealerships in the area,” explains Hafiz.

A long-term customer base of more than 3,500 businesses provides a strong foundation for growth from CBE’s newest offerings. “Having the ability to offer MPS, document management, SoS, security, recovery and cloud based services as well as hardware and mailing equipment allows for one stop shopping for our clients,” states Hafiz. “By offering a wide range of hardware and software we can quickly and economically put together an appropriate solution consisting of hardware, software, training and service to fulfill our client’s needs.”

Referrals are commonplace in the business world and that certainly has been helpful to CBE.  CBE receives referrals from satisfied clients. “We had a former employee from our client, the Ritz Carlton Hotel, change employment; moving to the 5-star Montage Hotel in Laguna Beach,” recalls Hafiz. “When the time came for some needed software upgrades to the Montage’s imaging equipment, the former Ritz Carlton employee immediately contacted CBE. The software implementation, training and upkeep went well. A new working relationship was formed.”

The Montage management quickly realized the professionalism and value CBE provided to their back office needs. Within a year, the Montage completed a 40-machine deal with CBE. A satisfied customer referral, software implementation, 40 machine deal with full service and supplies; The Week in Imaging may call this a big win. CBE likes to consider it standard operating procedure.


We are very pleased and excited to welcome all our new and valuable UNIX customers that have merged with our CBE family!

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CBE Wins 2011 Elite Dealer of the Year Award!

Cell Business Equipment was honored with the 2011 The Week in Imaging’s inaugural Elite Dealer of The Year Award. Nominations were open to all office equipment and imaging dealers inNorth America. CBE was the only company in theSouthern California to be awarded this prestigious industry recognition. CBE continues to be recognized for providing a full complement of outstanding business equipment, managed print and document services, supplies and superior customer service to theirSouthern California based clients. 

 The Elite Dealer Award recipients were selected by an impartial judging process based on a variety of factors and entry information acquired; including a dealer’s business model and performance. CBE was the only authorized Sharp, Ricoh and Canon inCaliforniato be selected as an Elite Dealer of 2011.

The Week in Imaging article, announcing CBE’s accomplishments, stated “Most of all we’re impressed by the culture at CBE and the way management values employees and the way employees value each other. They describe their employees as an extended family that understands working together, sharing the risks and rewards of the office equipment business, enables the individual staff members to join in a common quest for personal, business and community enrichment.

President Tarek Hafiz sums up the CBE philosophy. “We acknowledge and thank all those people who have helped CBE grow and prosper over the past 19 years. We are honored by the longevity of our employees, vendors and clients. Sales, administration, solutions / IT, service, warehousing and working together create a seamless package for our clients.”

See the article here:

A Dealership’s Outstanding Performance!


imageSource Magazine, the top publication for resellers in the document imaging and office products industries recently ran an article on Cell Business Equipment highlighting CBE’s strong foundation as a company.

Please follow the link below to find out more.

 A Dealership’s Outstanding Performance: Cell Business Equipment

Try one of these first!

This is a request I received recently from our helpdesk and I think it bears repeating. We have found that there are three common fixes to almost any printer / copier. Whenever we have a problem with a device (printer / copier) or software, we often overlook the most obvious solution. What I mean by that is that because of our frustration level at the ‘thing’, whatever it is, not working we try everything else first except what is most obvious and logical. Since this is commonly an issue encountered by our helpdesk, I thought now would be a good time to review the most common steps to fix most problems with your office printer / copier.

  • Reboot (Believe it or not, this fixes a majority of problems encountered in the office. All too often a device or software simply loses communication or just locks up. A fresh reboot or initialize often restores that connection / communication and … problem resolved.)
  • Check the Plug and the power switch (Many print problems are simply the result of a loose connection either with the power plug, USB or other connector. Also many new devices have more than one on / off switch. Try opening the front cover or looking for second on / off switch. When you can’t print…check the plug and the power switch).
  • Read what it says (Many of today’s products display some type of error message when a malfunction occurs. These messages often have good detailed information in them but because we are in such a rush, we fail to fully comprehend the message. Next time a device is on the blink try reading aloud the message that is displayed. For instance a common message displayed on printers is ‘load paper in bypass’.  Before calling for help, try locating the printers bypass tray and putting paper in it to see if it works. The result may surprise you.)


Trainer Pat

Printing Garbage –Windows® Printer

One of the most common issues we get called for is when a printer is printing out ‘garbage’.  (Basically the print that shows up on the paper is totally unintelligible from the original document sent to the printer). This often occurs because of a print driver mismatch.

If you are experiencing a problem such as this, the first thing to do would be to verify that the driver you are using is the correct one for your printer. Check the physical device for a model number. If you don’t see one on the front of the device, look for a stamped silver plate somewhere near the back or bottom of the printer. (Manufacturers often list the model and serial number on these stamped plates.)

Next verify that the print driver you are using on your computer matches the model of your printer. If you just hit print from within your document such as Microsoft Word®, then the print driver is probably your default Windows® driver. To locate information about it you can go to ‘Start’ then printers and faxes or select control panel and ‘hardware devices’ to find it.


For example if the Windows default printer is a Canon® iR ADV C5045 as shown above. (We can know this is the Windows® default printer because it has a check mark next to it).  Once you have verified which printer you sent your print to, confirm that it matches the model you saw on the printer itself. If it does then your problem could be elsewhere. If the driver shown is not the same as the model you have, then you will need to download and install the correct driver for your printer.

For example if your printer is a Sharp® MX-2600, then go to our website and search for the correct driver for a Sharp® MX-2600.

Note: Be careful when downloading a driver for your printer. Not all printers support all the drivers listed for them. For example some drivers for your printer may not have the correct modules or devices installed in them. This is especially true of Postscript® or PS drivers. Some manufacturers require the purchase of an additional module or license to support the Postscript® print driver function. If you are unsure check with the person who sold you the printer to verify if it supports Postscript® printing. When in doubt use a PCL labeled driver if you have a Windows® based Operating System. If you have a Mac® or Apple® computer you will most likely need the PS driver and that may require an additional module or license added to your printer to be able to print.

I hope this has been helpful.

Trainer Pat


® Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

® Microsoft Word is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

® Sharp is a registered trademark of Sharp Corporation.

® CANON is a registered trademark of Canon Inc. in the United States and may also be a registered trademark or trademark in other countries.

® PostScript is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated.

® Apple is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

® Mac is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Ricoh Quickguide MP 3000 3350 4000 5000



MP 3000 / 3350 / 4000 / 5000 

Place originals face-up in the document feeder.

 Operation Panel – Hard Keys

  1. Yellow Clear Modes key – clears settings and returns to defaults.
  2. Program key – stores frequently used settings (see below for instructions).
  3. Interrupt key – interrupts print and copy jobs.
  4. Sample Copy key – when pressed instead of Start, one set will be made as a sample copy.
  5. Red/orange Clear/Stop key – clears numeric setting only and stops copy jobs.
  6. Simplified Display key (located on lower/right of operation panel) – enlarges display screens.
  7. Power Down button (located on top/right of operation panel).
  8. Main Power switch (located on left front of machine) – turns power completely off.


Printing or viewing a Counter List (meter read)

  • Press the User Tools/Counter key and touch Counter, counter list will be displayed.
  • To print a list touch Print Counter List and press Start.

Basic Copying

  • Place original(s) face up in the document feeder or face down on the exposure glass.
  • Enter how many copies on the blue keypad, select duplex and finishing features.
  • Press Start.

 Staple, hole punch and booklet finishing

Finishing quick keys are located on the bottom/center of the display.

  • Place original(s) in the document feeder or on the exposure glass.
  • Select finishing quick key or touch Finishing for additional settings. Press Start.


Sort, Stack and Rotate Sort

Quick keys are located in center of display or press Finishing for additional keys. 

  • Place original(s) in the document feeder or on the exposure glass and enter number of sets.

Touch Sort to collate sets.   Touch Stack to make sets of each original.

Touch Rotate Sort to make collated sets that are rotated.

Note: Rotate Sort requires two 81/2 x 11 trays set up in portrait and landscape orientation.

  • Press Start.


Copying both sides of business and/or medical cards onto one side of the copy

Place business or medical card on upper/left corner of exposure glass.

  • Select an 81/2×11 paper tray, touch quick key on center of display for two originals copied onto one side.
  • Press Start twice, flip card in same position.  Press Start twice again.


Create Margin

  • Place original(s) in the document feeder or on the exposure glass.
  • Touch Create Margin quick key on center of display and press Start.
  • Copies will be reduced slightly and the image centered to create a margin.


Reduce / Enlarge

  • Place original(s) in the document feeder or on the exposure glass.
  • Touch Reduce / Enlarge and select preset reduce or enlarge or touch Number Keys and input desired percentage on blue keypad.  Press Start.

Reduce / Enlarge using vertical and horizontal percentages

  • Place original in the document feeder.
  • Touch Reduce / Enlarge and Dir.Size Mag.inch.
  • Input Original and Copy vertical and horizontal measurements and touch # to calculate percentage.
  • Select the copy tray size programmed above (Copy Size).  Press Start.

Auto Reduce and Enlarge

Quick key located in center of display

  • Place original in the document feeder.  Touch Auto Reduce / Enlarge.
  • Select the tray paper size you want the copy to be and press Start.

Mixed Size Originals

  • Place mixed sized originals in the document feeder.
  • Touch Special Original, located on the lower/left side of the display.  Touch Mixed Sizes and press Start.

 Sample Copy

Sample Copy key is located on far right of operation panel.

  • Place originals in the document feeder.
  • Touch Sort and select finishing options.  On blue keypad, enter number of sets (must be at least 2).
  • Press the Sample Copy key, one set will be made.  Touch Continue and additional sets will be printed.

 Combining Images

2 to 16 originals can be reduced and combined on one sheet.  Quick keys are located in the center of the display. 

  • Place originals in the document feeder, select quick key and press Start.
  • For additional combine features touch Dup./Combine/Series and Combine
  • Under Original select 1 Sided or 2 Sided.  Under Copy select Combine 1 Side or Combine 2 Sides.
  •  Select amount of images on a page, touch OK and press Start.


Erase Border

  • Place original(s) in the document feeder, select Edit / Stamp and touch Erase.
  • Touch Erase Center / Border and Same Width
  • Use + and to adjust border erase ratio, touch OK to confirm and press Start.


Margin Adjust

  • Place original(s) in the document feeder, select Edit / Stamp and touch Margin Adj.
  • Use arrows to adjust margin shift and press Start.

Program Key

Store frequently used settings

  • Select settings to be stored and press the Program key, located on top/right of operation panel.
  • Touch Program and select a Not Programmed key.
  • Use alphanumeric screen to name the program and touch OK to confirm.

To recall stored settings:

Press the Program key, select the stored program and settings will be recalled.

To delete stored settings:

Press the Program key, select the stored program and Delete.  Touch Yes to confirm.

Book Copy (1-sided copies)

Make 1-sided copies from multiple pages of a book

  • Place open book on the exposure glass.  Select finishing features if desired.
  • Touch Dup./Combine/Series.  Select Series and touch Book – 1-sided.
  • Touch OK and press Start.  Both pages will be copied on a 1 sided sheet.

Note: If multiple sets and finishing features have been selected;

  • Turn to the next page in the book, set the book on the exposure glass and press Start
  • After scanning the last page press # and additional sets with finishing features will be made.

Book Copy (2-sided copies)

Make 2-sided copies from multiple pages of a book

  • Place open book on the exposure glass.  Select finishing features if desired.
  • Touch Dup./Combine/Series.  Select Book and touch Book – 2-sided.
  • Touch OK and press Start.  Both pages will be copied on a 2 sided sheet.

Note: If multiple sets and finishing features have been selected;

  • Turn to the next page in the book, set the book on the exposure glass and press Start
  • After scanning the last page press # and additional sets with finishing features will be made.

 Page Numbering and Date Stamping

Page number and/or date copies

  • Place originals in document feeder.  Touch Edit / Stamp and select Stamp.

To Date copies – touch Date Stamp and Change to select stamp position on page, OK to confirm. 

Touch All Pages or 1st Page Only, OK to confirm and press Start.

To Page Number copies – touch Page Numbering, select page number format, touch

Change for stamp position and press Start.


To check on the toner level – Touch System Status – located on bottom/center of display.

To check on the status of a job -Touch Job List (located on the bottom/center of display). Select Job History.


“Solutions” is a term tossed around a lot lately but what exactly is a “Solution”? If you search the internet you will find over 800 million hits on the word alone. By definition a Solution is simply an answer or resolution to a problem. What that tells me is that Solutions are as varied as the problems they address. In terms of a business though, a solution could be anything that solves a business problem. So what are the common problems that businesses face today?

We have found that typical business solutions sought out by companies center on the following three Business Processes; Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Print Management. Each of these areas represents a significant cost to most businesses and any level of automation or control that can be brought to them can represent real cost savings to a company.

Whether it’s paying vendors or receiving payments most accounting processes within a company are still heavily paper based and error prone. Solutions for these areas need to be focused on reducing the paper flow and improving accuracy. Various forms of capture and document management software can be used to easily solve these problems and provide a cost effective solution.

Print management on the other hand is all about information and control. Many companies have allowed users to print locally to high cost inkjet printers for years but now as business costs rise they are trying to reduce these expenses. Again, print management software solutions can easily help a company gain control of out of control, high cost local desktop printing.

At CBE Office Solutions we recognize that a “solution” for a business is not the same for every business. Each business is unique and the problems each faces are unique as well. To be a true solution, the answer to a business’s problems needs to be customized for that particular company. If you think your company could benefit from a customized business solution please email for a free personalized analysis of your business process.

By Glen Williams IT Analyst, Integrator

CBE Wins PIA National Industry Award

Cell Business Equipment was honored with the 2011 Perfect Image Award for Outstanding Sales Program. The Perfect Image Awards are presented by the industry leading imageSource Magazine and ITEX Expo. This prestigious industry award was announced at the ITEX National Conference and Expo in Washington DC on March 22, 2011. This national industry award honors excellence in the office equipment and document management industry. The Perfect Image Awards are presented yearly to 8 dealerships throughout North America. 

 CBE was the only company in the Western United States to achieve the PIA industry recognition. This is the third year CBE has been honored with a PIA award. CBE was previously awarded the Perfect Image Award for Outstanding Community Involvement and Best Use of Website. CBE continues to be recognized for providing well a full complement of outstanding business equipment, supplies and superior customer service to their Southern California based clients. 

 The imageSource Perfect Image Award recipients are selected from an impartial judging process based on a variety of factors and entry information acquired regarding a dealer’s business model and performance. The judging process includes the imageSource / ITEX Advisory Council whose members are industry consultants, dealers and dealer associations, and vendors, as well as Imaging Network/Questex Media Group executives on the Council. Awards are merit-based and derived from a compilation scoring process. The PIA award is presented in eight categories to dealers who demonstrated superior distinctions within each category.

 “We are extremely pleased with the well-deserved recognition that these dealers receive from being a recipient of an imageSource Perfect Image Award,” said Sand Sinclair, Image Source Editor and ITEX Conference Director. “The fact is there are multiple dealers doing good business today, and those that are recognized as being outstanding in creating valuable programs, processes and services, is something to be highly acknowledged.”

 By Ronelle Ingram



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