Multifunction Systems

Multi-Function System for the Multi-Tasking Office

Access to a multi-function printer (MFP) means you can rely on one device for almost all of your office technology needs, including copying, scanning, faxing, and printing. An efficient tool for the small office or for a department work-group.

CBE recommends a multi-function system for someone who:

  • Works with a high-volume of paperwork and needs an efficient way to manage those documents.
  • Wants to limit the devices that takes up office space.
  • Seeks to fax digital files or save digital copies of faxes.
  • Needs a digital copy of documents (scanning) that can later be emailed or stored.
  • Sees the ecological benefits of less is more.
  • Wants the same quality/speed for faxing and scanning as the individual faxes and scanners provide.

Browse our selection of multi-function printers from our online catalog, or contact us to learn about the options from a knowledgeable solutions account executive. 

Don’t forget to ask about our five-year guarantee when you call—1-800-266-4223.

  • 26 ppm B&W and Color networked digital MFP
  • Large 10.1" high resolution touch-screen with tilt view
  • Real-time image preview with flick, tap and slide menu
  • Fully customizable home screen allows personalization
  • Action menus provide users with feature specific guidance
  • Standard 500 sheet cassette and one 100 sheet bypass tray
  • Standard 256 bit data encryption and 7x overwrite protection
  • Energy efficient belt fusing lowers power consumption
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