Document Solutions

All of Your Document Solutions Under One Roof

CBE Office Solutions offers the best in document solutions. Our document management systems are designed to help your business function efficiently and productively, while ensuring that you’re complying with the regulations of your industry. CBE’s document solutions include:

  • Automated workflow solutions
  • Secure data management and storage
  • Cloud-based SaaS solutions
  • Personalized service
  • Fax solutions
  • Integrated document capture and distribution management

Solutions for Every Size Business

Workgroups both large and small can benefit from our wide variety of customizable workflow solutions. Whether you’re looking for a desktop fax machine or a networked digital communications system, we can work with you to determine your needs and find the best possible solution. Our automated systems can help any size organization to improve productivity and efficiency.

Regulation Compliance

If your industry is required to adhere to any government or other regulations, our workflow solutions and automation can help to ensure compliance. You can build in reminders and alerts to make certain that every step of a process is completed—in the proper order and with the appropriate level of privacy and security.

Design auditable forms and document templates for uniform communications and record-keeping. Rules can be created in the automated workflows to identify errors and missing information and alert you to it, creating a system of pro-active compliance.

Organization and Security

Our capture and distribution systems can digitize your documents for easy indexing and increased security. Imagine turning your entire file room into an easily searchable database. Cut down on storage space and increase security with our document management systems.

Call CBE today to learn about everything we offer and how we can help your business to succeed —1-800-266-4223.

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